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What is backlinks and why are backlinks required for our website and we will learn about it.
Backlinks and SEO are very important to our website.

1.For example, we went to the market and there are many markets and shops in the market, but we do not know from which shop we can get good and durable goods.Then we ask the people that in which shop we will be able to get good branded clothes, then people say that we should go to the showroom of Adidas Nike but many shopkeepers tell us that you should go to Adidas. If we can get good clothes then it comes to our mind that once we go to the same shop,

2.Just like anyone search a topic on Google like what is SEO and what is Backlinks?
And like our website which is linked to other website and through For Example  as we have written on How to Make Money Online on Google and after writing, we have got many results, so how can we bring our website to the top in that result. So, it is very important to create backlinks and we have to SEO our topic content only then our website will rank

3.what are backlinks for seo. And there is a lot in our mind that how do we create backlinks The easiest way to create backlinks is by going to Facebook Instagram linkedin pinterest and any of the websites, we can send our website link and create batling to create this backlink Is the easiest way through which we can bring traffic to our website and after bringing traffic, we can use our tow That they might bring up the website,

4.And the easiest way to rank an article on Google is as much as you guys create a backlink from the website of others, the more we can get our article to be ranked on Google and that is the easiest way we can also make our website in our article Can get it done and easiest backlink SEO

5.And the easiest way to create a high authority backlink is to create a backlink by going to the big websites and leaving a link to our website, we can at least create 5 to 6 backlinks a day and we can make our website to the top of the Google page Easy way.

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