Benefit of Search Engine Optimization

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What is SEO introduction

seo simply means to rank a website or blog for example by Google or else to rank it on other websites.

How do search engines work.

We see that by going to Google Yahoo Being and all these websites, we get our website or YouTube video linked and Google's Rubout tool searches your website or video and checks the content of your website or video.

In SEO, the content and quality of your website and video are viewed and then gets your website or video ranked.

SEO has some simple processes.

Website Submission.

First of all there is website submission. This means we have to submit our blog or website.

2.Website crawl.

Website crawl means that all the pages in the website are copied and Google indexes them.

3..Website index.

Website index means that your website or YouTube video shows people

4.Website ranking.

Website ranking processes the website after all these key processes are done and your category of websites is seen.

Types of SEO

  • Local seo
For anyone who searches in front of you like for example, searching for keywords and your business, it is called local seo.

  • On page SEO
After creating a website, people have to tell us what your website is about and what business my website is offering, for this we have to write content and we have to give titles and tell people

  • Off page SEO
In off page seo we get a lot of websites, but we can put our backlinks and after submitting our website we can rank on the top page in Google and get your blog or website ranked.

  • SEO Benefit
We would have got high traffic if we followed the entire rule of seo.

  • Website branding 
Website branding means that there are millions of visitors to your website, and if there is a good sale in the website, then branding is created in your logo.

  • Low cost traffic 
Flame cost traffic means there is a lot of expansion in your website or YouTube videos, then there is no expansion in your website, it is called low cost traffic.

  • Complete ROI
Complete roi means if your website has millions of visitors and is giving good business and if you are taking a product by coming to the website, then if you are giving you good profit then it is called ROI.

  • Business growth 
Google is relaying your keywords and your website is getting good traffic and is giving you profit, so your business profit is called business growth.

SEO Basic Rules.

1.Domain name 


3.Local SEO

4.Website Submission 

This is some basic rule, if you follow all these, then your website will rank quickly and will come on the top page of Google and the most important thing is to follow the term and condition of Google if the term and condition of Google does not follow. If we do, we will not be able to grow our online business

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