what is digital marketing

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Digital Marketing 

Digital marketing is a future marketing and online marketing, through this we can grow our business quickly, we can do any type of business in digital marketing.

There are two types of marketing.

1.Traditional marketing 

  • slow conversion 
  • static
  • feedback 
  • return on investment 

2.Digital marketing 

  • fast conversion 
  • Dynamic 
  • feedback
  • return investment 
Traditional marketing and digital marketing are factual, they are more expensive in traditional and more profitable in digital.
We can show North Delhi in the news paper only through the news paper, but in digital we can show the whole of Delhi and we can also customize it according to our own but in the news paper we can not custom again Can do.

What is growth of manpower.
  • SEO
  • PPC
  • E-mail marketing 
  • inbound marketing 
  • website designing 
  • social media marketing 
  • smo
  • sem
  • marketing automations 
  • content writing 
  • complete digital strategy 

Remote working process

With remote work process, we can benefit anyone who works at home because digital work is being done and we can easily grow our business.And we can work with other people through digital marketing, we can make other people work because we are getting less expenditure in this, so we have profit in it.

And with digital marketing, we don't need this three things and get into com expansions
  • Administration
  • compliance
  • infrastructure

type of training.

  1. training
  2. growth
  3. remote work process
  4. affordable digital work solutions 

Affordable digital work solutions .

After the company grows, the flame budget does not work well with the customer, after this, these people need corporate attention and more money, but even after growing in digital marketing, the customer offers affordable digital solutions.

What is the Product Base VS Outcome Base in Digital Marketing and in Digital Marketing gives the customer the output first and take the money later.

Digital marketing has a high performance team and work only then you will be able to be successful.

  • intellectual capital 
  •  Financial capital
  • human capital 
Out of these three, Human Capital will come first, make it a motive for people and people haggle and only then we will be able to grow our business.

These three things are very important in digital marketing.

  1. low cost strategy 
  2. business expansion
  3. high performance team
It is very important to learn all these tricks and trips for digital marketing and by this we can grow our business.

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