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We will know about the Facebook ADS campaign, we can do this work

  1. How can we make Facebook AIDS Campaign?
  2. How can we choose bidding?
  3. How can we choose budget?
  4. How can we choose the audience?
First of all we have to create our Facebook account, then we have to login to Facebook Then we have to click on Create option in front of Home option, then we have to click on ADS.

Then you will show Facebook AIDS Manager and it will have three option shows.


  • special ADS category 
  • objective 
2.AD set

  • Audience 
  • placements 
  • Budget & Placement 

  • Format 
  • media 
  • Additional Creative 

And in it you will get many types of ADS.Can make And in this you will see three options.If we want to take traffic to our website, then click on home traffic and we have to click on continue.
After this, the format of AD set will open, then we have to feel the ad set option.

  • Website 
  • messenger
  • App
  • Whatsapp 
Then we have to click on the dynamic option, if you do not have an audience, it creates an audience, after this we have to select the country and we have to save Then we have to click on the placement option, then our ADS will show what kind of ADS we are,
After this we have to select our budget.
Then we have to click into the media option and we have to create ADS according to our own After creating AIDS, we have to add the URL of our website.

And after that you can complete your Facebook AIDS business and this is the best way to grow your business. 
This is the best option to do this Facebook AIDS business, we can select according to our budget and we can grow our business tremendously.

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