10 best computer course for students

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After passing the best computer courses 10th and 12th, after doing these courses, people can easily find the field in which you have the interest ,

1.Diploma in computer science & Engineering .

Diploma in Computer Science and Engineering Courses are very good courses. This course is designed for those people who after passing their 10th, who can get into the computer line.
  • And what is taught in this course
  1. computer fundamentals 
  2. programming language 
  3. C & C++
  4. web programming language
  5. HTML 
  6. software developed 
  7. networking 
And you can easily do it in ITI and Polytechnic, after doing this courses, you can easily get a job.and many more language courses in this.

2. diploma and computer application 

Diploma and Computer Application Courses, if you can do this course, students of Arts Commerce and Science in any stream and these courses eat short term courses, in this course you are taught from basic to advanced and this courses We can complete it within 3 months and 4 months And after doing this courses, you can easily get a job.
  1. Excel
  2. MS office
  3. Powerpoint 
  4. wordpad 
You can become a master in all these applications.

3.Android App Development course

In today's time everyone is able to stay at home and earn and everyone can create their own Android application and in this course how can we make you an Android application.
  • In this course you are taught some programming languages.
  1. Java 
  2. android application tolls 
  3. HTML
  4. database connections 
After doing this course, you can work on any Android development company.

4.B.tech (CSE) computer science engineering course 

After doing computer science engineering course, you can easily get jobs in any IT sector and in this course you are taught

for example.
  1. make software 
  2. website creations 
  3. programming language 
  4. website developments 
  5. C. C++. C#
  6. java 
  7. web programming language 
  8. HTML
  9. Dot Net
  10. Linux
This course is taught to you in computer engineering. Those students who have taken science in 11th and 12th, this course is for these students.

5. BCA (Bachelor of computer application )

In this course, you are taught a lot of programming courses, in this course also you do the same as you teach in B.Tech.
  1. java 
  2. C++
  3. website Design
  4. software engineering 
  5. Algorithm
Any student can do this course.

6.VFX and Animations 

VFX & Animations course is good fields. Through this course we like to watch cartoons on TV and watch good animations movies and do lots of video editing animations through VFX software and nowadays everything is digital and to do this course After this you can easily get the job and also can do unlimited earning.
  1. video editing 
  2. animations 
  3. make videos 
  4. quality of video editing 

7.Graphic designing 

Graphic designing is very important in today's time, without it, like for advertisements, no one can grow so quickly without a business promotion and people who are good for our jobs in graphic designing, even after doing this courses Can do very well.

  1. make designing
  2. digital painting 
  3. make a designing 
  4. advertisements 

8.Web developments 

Website development is very important today, because every business needs a website, if you want to do business of your product online too, then you need to do more work in website development and through website development you can use ecommerces  website and any You can also create a website and after doing these courses, you can also do unlimited earning after doing this course. Can get a job in.

  1. website designing 
  2. website front developments 
  3. website template developments 

9.Digital Marketing 

This digital marketing courses is considered to be the best course, after doing this course, people can get jobs quickly in very good career because goods  business is selling their products through online  digital marketing soon. Get success in your business
  1. how to promote products online 
  2. how to sale online products 
  3. how to quickly 
  4. digital products sale 
and  many more in this courses,

10.software developments 

Software development is always at the forefront of the computer world, if you are a software engineer, then you have to do a software course if you have too much software for your mobile and computer or laptop.
  1. how make software 
  2. what is software 
  3. how develop software
  4. how to development software 
and many more in this courses 

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