computer best [ 4] short terms course {and get jobs}

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1.Computer basic course

Computer Basic Course is for those people who are getting started, those people do not know anymore about computers
And they are just about computers like Microsoft PowerPoint MS Word and excel these people live for nothing yet.

And in the course how is the computer turned on and what is the internet, how are the people in the computer how to create a sheet file and how the email gets sent. How to search the internet. How are the presentations taught to you? These basic things are taught to you.
Duration of this computer course is of 3 months, this basic course can be done with any institute

2.Telly operator course

What is your education, what should be your talie operator and what angle side to take this course is going to tell you in this course,
And this course can be done by any stream student And what is your job opportunity after doing this course.

What is Tally

Tally India's Most Account Software is not only in India but also in Asia.
Inside the Tally, we can easily cover the relevant information from our account and some parts of it
Tally. ERP 9

And can easily cover related work from the account
Job Opportunity in Tally ???

-Remember the Purchase Sale and Receipt Payment in the Tally
-Debit and credit voucher must be kept in mind
-And keep the mentant in the tally course

To do this course, there should be Microsoft Knowledge and this course is of 3 months and can be easily received after doing this course.

3.Data entry

-What is data entry ???
We call data entry to print any hard data such as book magazines news paper short from or digital from.

-Job repository of data entry operator
-Data Entry of Insurance Medical Claim Data Entry This is also called Data Entry
-And lots of company related to their product and all these data coming from hard to come, it is shortened and this data entry is called

-Today, many hospital medical reports are available through the web-side, this is also called data entry.
-And the bank transactions of many bank customers, this is also called data entry
-what is Data Entry Minimum Qualifications?????
The 10th class student can also do this if you are Graduate, so this is more Job Opportunity
-How can we become a Data Entry Operator?????
It is very important to know the typing speed of the Microsoft Office MS Excel and Microsoft Access It is very important to have internet email scanning image convert,
-Job Ability for Data Entry,
There are lots of jobs for advertising companies from IT company marketing.


-Today we will know about seo for what it is.
How To Use Seo To Get Views To Your Blog Article Pages,
Many users do not know about SEO, but they make their website in the blog, but the website does not have much trouble due to non-traffic.

due to has become digital all day and we have to bring our website to the top and millions of people online in website comes online at a time.And through our website we can create a video by writing a bunch and writing it to our people, it works to bring the most of the online attention to our blog.And your website  will have to come in first rank and for the top, your article has to be good and your article needs to be optimized.

The more you listen to your article, the more views will come, and you have to see which article you have to post and you have to practice a lot.

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