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1.What is blogging

Blog is a service given by Google, which we know as the www, Blog is a great way to earn money online that everybody can work on.You must have a laptop mobile and internet connection, you can do this work either part time or full time You will have to give time to work for the blog and you will have to write this work by selecting the topic of the Despicable, then you will be successful in this work and it is a work of truth.

.How to Build Your Blog on Blogger,

How can we create a professional blog and how to diligence it.First of all, your blog title should be unique and  And you must have google gmail people can go to your blog Whatever you write, write the relevance of the people And always we should write a motivational post,
which people come to the Google search engine as soon as they search And we should never have access to copyright content Write the easy Topic that people can understand And the theme of the blog is to keep the theme unique and active,People can go from easy to blog.

-And we have to remember that the blog post is written by a good Thought Write a related blog post that is your blog title And we have to put a post image attached to your blog, what people are writing about from what you write about If we post anything in the blog then people are connected with the comment box.And this is a very good way,

-And the blog we create isle which we write can go to the people who found it that we did share it.The blog is through an online earning and everyone can do this work And this is the most common online work.


- How to earn money from facebook
To make money on Facebook, you must first login to Facebook account and you will have to create an account.You will then have to create a new page in the Facebook account.
Then you have to make your website or blog, then whatever posts you write will have to be shared on your Facebook page.The more people who come to your Facebook page and see the post, the more of your article will be seen.

And then you have to link it to your Facebook account from Google Adsense then your blog will start showing ADS, and the more people who study your article, the more your earning will be.
And when you get $ 100 then you can withdraw money in your account The other way you upload videos by making a video and uploading your video, the more people will see your video, the more it will be your earning. The easiest way to do online work and earning is to sit at home and you can do any other work.People are earning thousands of millions of people from Facebook.


-In Freelancing, you have to create an account and tell about your profile, what comes to you, then you can become a good freelancing
Freelancing is a great job to work online or to earn online You can do this work at home or at home You have a laptop and mobile connection with you.You just need to be knowledge  for example data entry tally  payroll typing file work.

And to join this work we will have to admit to the customer and the company And you will have to Discus the payment after work already, then you have to send your own file Gmail.
For freelancing you need to have good skills and good knowledge, then you will be able to work as a customer.And the customer will have to share your experience as soon as you have more customers and you have to do good work.And everyone can do this work.


Captcha is a good source for online earning.
In Captcha, you will have to make an account, then you will have to complete the profile.If we open any website, then we have the option to choose a captcha in it. It takes a test of our humanity, whether we are not doing any fraud or doing fraud, therefore the option to choose a captcha is available.

If you have to craft fraud on the captcha box to do Earning from the captcha website And we have to leave Captcha You will get $ every capech fill and you will not get $ if there is a false wrong.And your typing speed should be good so that you will be able to solves down Captcha.
To get money from captcha, work from work should be $ 100 only then you will be able to get out WebMoney will be able to get out of PayPal and Payza It is very easy work that everybody can work

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