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In these days, the internet and Google have become part of the daily life of all the people, the foot seconds is about 60000 thousand searches and according to Google's data, 3 trillion searches are done every year and what went in the beginning of Google in 1997. in america


The Bing website was created by Microsoft and was launched by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and the website in 2009 and after Google search engine Bing is very popular.And this website is at number 2 in the world, you can join this website and can rank your blog or website in Google.


And in the search engine world, Yahoo is also very popular in the world of internet and these websites also provide other services and its search engine is very fast, it can also rank your website and blog. website is an American website and this website provides online service services and people also use this search engine very much and provide multiple language services in this website, to make their website and blog easier by searching and using this website. Can get ranked on google


The Yandex website comes in the biggest search in the world of Internet, just as Google is popular in India, similarly Yandex website is the most popular in Russia and this website was created in Russia in 1997  and these websites apart from this also provide other services.
The founder of this company is CEO Arkady Borkovsky website submission tolls

Free website submission is very popular in the world of internet. Under this website you get a lot of your website URL communication tools, through this website you can easily rank your website and blog on Google and backlinks for website and blog Can also be made

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