what is a Affiliate Marketing

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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the best way to earn online, for affiliate marketing, we do not need our own product or service, everyone can do affiliate marketing.

You will get to see a lot of ecommerce websites on the Internet, what is the use of these websites for 

website name 
  • Amazon
  • flipkart 
  • club factory 
  • myntra 
and many more you can see in internet ,

And every website that runs its own affiliate program and if you become a member member from these websites and sell the products of these ecommerce website, then you give commissions and this is the company and you also benefit. There is no need to give any extra cost to the user who buys.

For example, any of your ecommerce website affiliate links are generated and you do it on your website and the app links to you and you get commission  instead, it is called affiliate marketing.

  • How can we become affiliate members in an ecommerce website,

In order to be a member in Affiliate Marketing Ecommerce website, you do not need to pay any fee. It is absolutely free. You can open your account in affiliate program in any website, for this, it is necessary to have an email id and whatever you are in front of the affiliate You have created your account by filling in from

Through this you can do online earning and you can do online work easily and grow your website or business, everyone can do this work.Now we get to talk about how we can sell the product, for this you have created an account in any social media, for example, by sharing your product link in these social media like Facebook WhatsApp LinkedIn, we can earn online by sharing Can do.

And in this affiliate program, we have to select the product category and each product has different commissions. You can also get 3% or 5% to 6% in a product. Depends on which product you are selling. Is and the more you sell the product, the more you will get a commission and can grow your business early in this work.

And you can do this work in free time and you do not need to do any investment in this work, in order to do this work you have to have a mobile laptop computer and an internet connection along with it and more than this work you You can earn more than you can and you can easily withdraw money in your account.

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