What is the domain for blog and website

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When we are able to hear the online blog or website, everyone has to take the first name in the world of internet to identify that website or blog and it is called the domain and due to this it is recognized in the world of internet. And many people do not know what the domain is and how many types are there and we will come forward about it.

  • What is domain 
A domain is the name of a type and through this our website and blog are identified and through it people come to our website or blog.
And beyond the domain that we have in many websites and blogs, com, net, co, in. See it and all these information is very important,

Domain Name Types

  • What is a top level domain
Top level domains are seen in every blog or website and in any blog and website, top level websites are seen and its search engine gives more priority to the same .com
  • for example 
  1. .COM (commercial website )
  2. .ORG   (organizations website)
  3. .EDU    (education website )
  4. .GOV   (government website)

  • What is a country code level domain (CCLD)
The country code level domain also eats the top level domain as any country has its own domain name and anyone will recognize it by looking through the example.
  1. in (india)
  2. .us (united state )
  3. .br (brazil)
  4. .pk (pakistan)
  5. nz (new zealand )
  6. .mx (mexico )
  7. my (malaysia 
  8. . jp (japan)
  9. . kw (kuwait)
  10. .it (italy)

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