What is email marketing

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Email Marketing 

1.What is email marketing

Email marketing means sending a single message in a group is called email marketing.

2.Types of email marketing

For example, we visit anyone's website and in the website, we have an option to subscribe to the people and if we subscribe, then we have a notification show, we will also open the internet for that notification. It means promoting your website or company and selling the product and promoting your company.

  • Transactional Emails

If we subscribe, notifications come on email and in it we get to see that offers and company updates and blog traffic is called email marketing.

  • Direct email

In direct email, we visit an ecommerce website and to buy some products from that website, we have to login to that website through our email and only then you can buy the product and after that we have a lot of different types Let's get emails for how to promote your company or website.

3.How can we start email marketing?

You should have a lot of emails for email marketing, only then you can email and how can we get the email of people, for this you must have a personal website or blog and put your subscribe button in that website. Can know the email and email the people or we can also email

To do email marketing, we have heard the service provider and the email template and we have to send your text to the people and compose your email marketing and you can send the email to all the subscribers on one of your clicks.

4.Use of email marketing .

We do email marketing for our blog or website and ecommerce website and do email marketing for traffic lane in our product and website.

For example.
  • Get customer relationship 
  • send company update 
  • understand customer behavior 
  • professional targeting 
Email marketing is the best way to promote and sell your product.

5.Benefit of email marketing for business .

Email marketing is very much beneficial to us for example
  • Generate lead 
  • website traffic 
  • sales  promotion
  • Get real customer
  • real targeting 
Email marketing is a part of digital marketing, through this we can grow our business and can also bring traffic to our website.

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