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National Register Of Citizenship

NRC is first implemented in Assam State, it is the only state in India, what was done by the people of nrc to go to their home and property.In 1975, this rule was done by All Assam Students Union to update nrc in Assam.
Assam a settlement was made in 1975 and one day Independence from Assam State Bangladesh, the day before 1961, whoever took entry in the state, this rule has been made to send these people to their country.

NRC Objective

nrc  means people in Assam were made to go and recognise The government has spent about 1200 crores on this NRC process and in this process there were 55000 thousand Goverment Employers and in this process, 4,7 million were stagnated and what was the recognition of the people.

Who is the citizenship of India in this rule, people living in Assam before 25 March 1971
The citizens who come from the number a have to submit the deposit Ancestor  related to the number B

1.From a Requirement

  • 25 march till  1971 
  • 1951 nrc 
  • Then came and report the tenant.
  • citizenship certificate 
  • resident certificate
  • passport
  • bank and lic documents
  • educational certificate and court order record 

2. from b Requirement 

  • land document 
  • board and university certificate 
  • birth certificate 
  • bank lic postoffical record
  • ration card
  • name in voter list
  • legally acceptable and other documents 
  • certificate given by married officer and secretary report to married women
The nrc will get the citizens ta to be resident of the country and it will not bring any harm to the person living in the country.

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