best 10 tourist place in north east india

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North East Indi

North East of our India is such a place that is very famous for its nature, here you like all kinds of mountains, village waterfalls, ponds and flowers, and the culture here attracts a lot of people and this is the same of India. Part 7 is spread in the state, which people also know by the name of Seven Sisters and much more in the eastern world than in the name of the world's unique and best natural. There is an issue and you will get to see many people from different castes and religions and here people follow their culture very much and every year they come to roam in lakhs of people and here everyone has some time in their life. Be sure to go once with you and your family friends

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1.Kaziranga National Park

Kaziranga National Park of Assam is very famous in Assam, people who come here to roam here attract those people very much to look at them and from the time of natural abundance, there are many people all over India. Is here and you will get to see all kinds of animals birds should come here and come once.

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The capital of Sikkim state is Gangtok and is very famous for its beautiful nature, all over India and all over the world, here you will get to see the same mountain river, waterfall, pond and nature, and wake up very romantic too. People say that one must go here with family friends.

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Meghalaya is the most beautiful and cleanest place of India and very much people come here to travel here, there is very little pollution and there are frequent rains every day here, here the highest rainfall is on Cherrapunji and the waterfall here And the mountains attract people more to see the people towards them and every year lakhs of people come here to go missing and there is a very clean area.

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Bishnupur is a popular place in Manipur, the lush green forest of beautiful mountains here shows itself very beautiful natural and here you can visit the temple of olden times and here you can also visit the National Park. Every year, millions of people come to roam here and it is very beautiful.

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Kohima is a place situated in Nagaland and Kohima is also called the capital of Nagaland, here you will get to see all kinds of tribal and people here consider their culture very much and since this time Nagaland is very famous in the whole of India. There are people from all over the world come to see this culture and here too you will get to see the views of the same mountain greenery that is natural. Here, every year people come to see the number of Millions.

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6.Majuli River Island

Majuli river island is located in Assam and this river is situated on the Brahmaputra river and is said to be the largest river in the world and people who come here to visit it, they go to once and here you will find the natural culture of Assam and You will get to see the greenery of Assam and very nice beautiful views are seen near the river at night.

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Tawang is located in Arunachal  that the same mountain and waterfall overlooks the natural greenery, every year there are millions of people, and here you will find one place to roam and the best time to visit is in October to November. Beautiful views will be found if you go to North East India, then one must definitely go to a very clean cleaning place.

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8.Tsomo Lake

Tsomo Lake is a very neat and clean place located in sikkim, the greenery attracts people from the natural and culture lot here, you will get to see very old temples and churches here, here people also take a very strong view of their culture. We keep and everyone also follows and all the people who come to visit here serve them very well like guests and therefore every People come from all over the world

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Dimapur is a city located in Nagaland, but the beauty of this city is very amazing and is very famous for its beauty. The beauty and natural greenery of this city attract people like it all over India and foreigner too. Here too, millions of people come to visit every year.

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10.Green Park

Located in the name of Green Park, this park is in Nagaland, this park attracts people very much for its beautiful greenery and natural beauty. To see the greenery park and cleanliness is very much taken care of here

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