Education system in india : case study learn

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Education Systems of India

:- There are about 4,658 lakh colleges in India and about 35 million students are studying in the university, but our country is behind due to some reasons. Today, according to the Assocham, there are 96% graduates and all of India is unemployable , because of India's education. By system.

:- And when a father in India takes an education loan from 2 million to 3 million, he sends his children with dreams to a doctor engineer's college and despite completing a job after completing their studies, they are not able to even pay their loan interest. According to a survey, it has been found out that even after completing the study, only 15000 to 25000 thousand salaries are received and out of the same money rent of the house and full month's salary No promptly so Indian students is behind very much America  by China and England country and India's education system is not so strong

:- Incompetent faculty in colleges

:- There are many private colleges in India but every college wants profits and according to the profit, cheaper professors are taking it and the salary of a professor is from 30000 thousand to 35000 thousand and we saw that US professor gets 14 lakh every month. According to these countries, there is a lot of salary, according to these countries, all these systems  should be improved in India.

:- shortage of good faculties india 

:- Due to not having good faculty in India, most of those who do not get a job in India even after studying this much and not having good faculty since the salary of education, the education palace of education is not so much and in our country 25 years more After getting a job within 30 years, get married and settle if you have a PhD, then you have to study from 5 to 8 years and those who are Those people do not become professors, they join some good multinational company and those people get good salary from professor where a professor gets 30000 thousand and in multinational company you get 600,000 salary and that's why India Because of not having good ecosystem, India is far behind from the rest of the country,

:- corporate campus and college campus 

:- In India, the Corporate campus and the college campus are separated and the aspiration level of preparation of the Indian student is different from the ground. The reason for this is that the college campus is a different world and the world of Corporate is separated and the college industry student It is not good and has made redirection work for 30% jobs of India's big company.

:- because India's automation of artificial intelligence is the main man The payment process is growing and India's economy is also growing very fast. 5 million engineering passes in India and 80% MBA enrollment is bigger than last year in India, but the literacy rate of youth in India is - 92% but study in India to get a study graduation degree. filled mind and formed mind, we will not give anything to people who are not satisfied with our filled mind.

:- India is the youngest youth in the world and every country in the whole world, the emerging economy comes in number 5 in India, but since the economy is not so good, the education system here is far behind from other countries.

:- Average Age Worldwide 

1.China             =    37 years 

2.Russia            =    37 years 

3.USA               =    38 years 

4.Canada           =    38 years 

5.Australia        =    38 years

6.India              =     27 years 

: - India is the youngest generation from these countries, but young generation is literacy in India, but even after completing the study, we get the same amount of salary as a security guard, this is the state of India's PhD, but we are the world's best Looking at the university, India is far ahead of the country. 

:- Curriculum - Best universities 

1. Harvard university 

2. stanford university

3. wharton university

:- Those who are the best universities do not give students classroom lectures, these universities get their students to do projects problem solving case study and prepare their students in the same way. And the best of these best universities is very strong, so inside the student The strong are coming.

: - And how will the phd professor of the faculty of university of India get stooped inside the professor who has got 30000 thousand and how will the strongnet come to the students and our students go to apply the Attendance and give a couple of projects for the case study. So buy the projects from the market and submit the project to the college, this is the solution of education system of India,

:- Learning Pattern 

1. Harvard university - case study = 80%  Project = 5%   Lecture = 5% Learning = 5%

2. stanford university - case study = 40% project = 25 % lecture = 20 % learning = 15%

3. wharton university - case study = 40% project = 25%  lecture = 20 % learning = 15 % 

:- According to a research, it is known that in India, students make 37% to 58% of their fake projects, and in today's time, corporate man should hire one man and work 4 men and India's PhD and engineering is not even a man's job. According to the Reserve Bank of India, 20,000 crores of loans have been given for education.

:- There are many private colleges, but some of them are very standard and some colleges which are not so standard, those colleges in which professors get work salary and those who are good private colleges, good salary in those colleges With this good facility and college faculty are available and they get all these which need to improve the Indian education system.

:- Hiring Without degree 

But some big companies in India are hiring students without any degree by looking at the skills of those students.

:- For Example 

1.Google company

2.E Y , company

3.Apple company

4. Starbucks company 

5.IBM company

6. Bank of america company 

7. Jio company

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