SEO interview questions : for fresher

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1. What is SEO ?

SEO is ready for search engine optimization. This is a great process where you can customize all your types of website and blogger pages. These process search engine results pages for good results.

: -seo we have two ways to do

1. On-page SEO
2.Off-page SEO

2. Can you explain what page SEO is?

What can we do with our website and blogger for good high ranking on search results. Here you can do content optimization, define meta tags, HTML code, images and key density, this approach is very good for any kind of website.
The on-page seo is 100% under your control. You can do as you wish on your website and blogger.

3.What do you understand about off-page seo ?

Off-page seo is what you do outside of your website and blogger. What I mean to say is that you can easily create backlinks, content marketing, social media marketing, web page submissions, and more.
Off-page is not 100% under your control. You cannot do as you wish, because you create backlinks for any other website and blogger.

4. What is the process of SEO?

1. Basic Keyword Research
2. Competitive Analysis
3. Write unique and good length artistic minimum 500 words
4. Do-Page SEO
5. Closed-Page SEO
6. Analyze reports with analytics tool.

5.What is the difference between off-page and on -page seo?

With on-page seo you can get your content optimized for your website and blogger page. You can have complete control over the page seo,
However, off-page seo is something you do
Increase your brand outside of your website

6. How to do - Page for SEO?

1. Best posting
2. Artistic presentation
3. Directory submission
4. Infographics
6. Presenting the stage
7. Scholarship link building
8. Competitive Link Analysis
9. Submission of press release

7. What is a Google Sandbox?

Google Sandbox. Placed on new websites and blogs, the result is that the site does not get a good ranking for its most important keywords, because
Event with good content, abundant incoming links and strong Google page rank, a site is still affected by the sandbox.

8.what is white Hat seo?

Legal way to create links as per Google's terms and conditions.

Such as guest posting, email marketing, infographics and more….

9.what is black Hat seo?

Invalid link and linking method. It does not meet the google term and condition. If you do a black hat in comparison to your website and blog, Google will be penalized,

Link farming
pbns (personal blog network)
Keyword stuffing


10.what is the meaning of crawlers?

Crawlers are Google's robots and automatically index all new content on the website and blogger.
Yahoo Solution

11.which are basic tools needs to start doing seo?

Some tools are required to do SEO Some devices are also free and some devices are paid.
Google Keyword Planner - Used to do keyword research
Google Analytics - All data is meant to rank,
Google Webmaster Tools or Search Console - Indexes are for web pages.yoast plugin - on page seo

Alexa rank is displayed worldwide by ranking your website

12.what is indexing?

It is very easy to add new website and blogger page in Google search engine.

13.what are serps?

serps means being on the search engine results page

14.what is a google suggest?

Google suggests that these are known as autocomplete because there are functions. Developed and developed by Google to help users complete their queries while typing in the search bar.

15. explain types of keywords?

There are three types of keywords
1. Head Tail Keywords.
2. Keywords of radium tail
E.g. What is PPC?
3. Log Keywords

like. What is PPC? And how to do it?

16.What are the limitations of the title and meta tags?

Title tag must be between 80–80 characters,
And meta description tag must be between 250 - 300 characters. 120

17. What is a Keyword Difficulty?

Keyword difficulty is a score that helps you determine

Whether this keyword is very easy or difficult to rank.

18. What are LSI keywords?

lsi means latent semantic keyword. In a simple
In a way, you can say LSI. keywords are synonyms.

Is among your primary keywords,

19.what are backlinks?

Backlinks are links that come from other websites to your website.

The backlink is considered very important part of seo. If you have a good amount of high authority, your website and blogger will easily rank on Google,

20.what is a do- follow link?

As the name itself suggests. It eats Google to follow the link and pass all link jus to external
Simple words, do-follow links, are much more beneficial than no-follow backlinks,Google is very interested in do-follow backlinks.

21.what is a no-follow link?

no - follow link if google doesn't follow the link And tells an external website not to pass link any one .

No-follow links have zero to no relevance. However, following links on a highly official website and from a blog is still helpful.

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