Tips for magnetic personality in english

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1.Belief That I have success 

Just like everyone thinks that I have got success in the work that I did and we see around us that we can join this business and you will also get success in this business on the advice of all these business trainers We join without taking any decision and we get craving, then we know that this business model is like this,

In this type of business, many networking businesses which are foreign companies because the employees who work, they change the mindset of those people and also change the personality of those people and many people will join by seeing those people. And we are not able to get success in that business because by looking at the property of those people in our mind, we come to the words of those people without thinking and we pass our time We do not get anything by doing, we people should not come at any point without taking advice from anyone.

2.winning too much, criticising the our feedback

When we achieve at some point, then the ability to do our work is very bad, even if we make a mistake, then it does not make much difference but listening to the feedback of other people is very much in our mind The opposite is true and many people are grateful and we are encouraged by the people, which reduces the ability to work, so many people get away from us because of this mistake. People should not come in the words of people and should focus on their work and work.

3.Starting the conversations with people 

If we talk to anyone, we do not hear from many people, but we get to hear these things and people who do this, they like them very little, within such people Quality has to be brought so that from within those people, we do not have people, but all those things have to be finished and we have to assure that you too will be able to do something in your life in this world and will be able to get ahead in life and we will Should not bring ever negative things in your mind and should work Positive Minds,

4.Playing my own favourite games

We see around us that many people work on my instructions, you play games on my instructions, do not work without me saying these people, you will get so much but those people themselves do not know that they have their lives People tell us what to do in other people; We should not come to such people, we should work with our own decisions and do not come first in the talks of others Learn to be Strong from other  and then we will give people encouragement to other people.

5.Finding opportunities how smart i am 

We see where we are praised about us, we like to go to that place and start to get up from those people and like to be friends, if there is evil about the place where we want to go, then we We would never like to go to that place because no matter who we are, we like to distance from such people, but we should never bring such negative things from our minds and we always Positive things should be put into your mind

6.Desire to be served 

When we are successful in our life, then the people of the home also help others, but in our heart we should also serve other people and as we praise ourselves, we should do the same to other people. If we take summons from someone else, then we have to give it, if you have other close friends towards you, then you should also keep it and we people should stick together,

7. starting conversation of correction

Just like we talk to friends, brother, my words are right and then other people, my words are fine, we should never be confused with each other and we should always settle the matter by sitting and talking is not right and Value is done in front of other people

8.Forgetfulness of thanks 

Many times, if someone helps, we do not say thank you to that fellow and forget and the more love we get with people, the more love will grow and we will live happily and we will always have love among ourselves and this habit You should apply in your life and we should never forget and others should also help for such help and we should have the attitude to learn the same.

9.Making excuses to own mistake 

Many times it happens that if we make a mistake, then we make many excuses in our parents friends and office too many times to prove that mistake, but we make a lot of excuse in accepting that mistake. We should never bring such a mind to the people and we should always keep a positive mindset and if we keep on correcting the mistake, then we will face another person in front of us. Q will work and we should not do that, after making a mistake like that we should accept it.

10.Ignoring to listen what was  most need 

We do not listen to the things that are important things that we have brought to us, people who want to listen to us for our good, we ignore that thing, unless we have the ability to listen. Till now we will not be able to become a good leader and we should have the ability to listen and we can become a good leader if we are not able to listen to it, then our personality is very A stronger goes down so we will have strong equity to hear.

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