Top 10 Best Honeymoon Destinations in India

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Honeymoon destinations 

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Dalhousie is a place in the Himalayan region surrounded by natural greenery and mountains and a city is very beautiful and this place is perfect for honeymoon. It is believed that even while staying in India, you will feel at this place that you are outside the country and the waterfalls and small rivers here attract a lot of people, every year a number of people come here.

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Manali is considered to be the perfect destination for honeymoon. People here are very much attracted by the greenery. Natural mountains and flower gardens and waterfalls here are very popular people who come for honeymoon, here you will find people who live in Manali. And the culture of those people will be known and seen and the people here pay more attention to their culture and encourage the people very much Let do and to make your honeymoon life successful, you will get to see many beautiful beautiful houses here on the surrounded place of the mountain, every year there are lakhs of people come here to make honeymoon.

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3.Mount Abu

Mount Abu is a very beautiful place located in Rajasthan and it is considered to be the most beautiful place in India and this place makes itself very beautiful with the culture and natural beauty of Rajasthan, here the waterfall is very famous and the greenery and mountains. You will get to see and different types of animals and different species of birds and flowers will also be found here but also in lakhs of rupees every year. Industry are to come and make very beautiful for your honeymoon.

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Darjeeling is a very beautiful place and in itself is a very beautiful place, here the greenery and natural tea leaf here is unique in itself, green on the earth, and tea gardens are exported from all over the world. Here people come from all over the world to see this view and make their honeymoon also very beautiful and the best destination of honeymoon is Does not go,

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Srinagar is a very beautiful place situated on the valley of Kashmir, this place is visited by people for more honeymoon and this place is called the perfect honeymoon place and here you will get to see the same mountains and snow, and the natural beauty Greenery and people who come for honeymoon make beautiful lake and see different types of flowers Here too millions of people come to visit every year.

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6.Andaman and Nicobar

Andaman and Nicobar is located in the heart of Bengal and it is surrounded in the sea and small islands will be seen and the view here is very beautiful and people with their natural beauties, people here every year honeymoon in millions of people Come here to make coconut tree is very famous and you will get different types of ditch for eating and drinking.

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Shimla is considered to be a very good destination for honeymoon because here you are considered a very beautiful place in itself with greenery, natural and culture, there are big hill stations and mountains and lake flowing with water and the people here There is a lot of love on your side, here too, millions of people come every year to complete their honeymoon destinations.

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Kerala is considered to be a very clean and clean place and the same coconut tree attracts people very much towards it and the greenery and the same mountains and culture here is very famous all over the world and here You can see the lake and enjoy the river, so people from all over the world come here to make honeymoon.

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Ooty is very beautiful all over India and you will not get to see the pollution here because this area is considered very quiet, here you will get to see the views of the same mountain and beautiful lake, here you can also go honeymoon Can be celebrated in a variety of ways, and filming is done at this place, so this place attracts a lot of people, every year millions of people spend their honeymoon Come here for the groom

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Goa is a very good honeymoon destination and here you are considered to have a very good atmosphere  honeymoon because here people have a lot of baths near the sea and you will also get a lot of foreigners from all over the world. People come to roam, so it is considered very famous, there will be many places to visit here and spend time.

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