Top 15 Best Blogging Niche Idea for beginner

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1.News websites

According to a survey, people in India watch TV every day from work to work for 3 hours to 4 hours and out of that people spend more time watching news and the survey's news channel is as much online as the online website for example the Times of India news nations.Yahoo News, Google News and these websites bring millions of traffic every month and apart from these websites, you will get to see a lot of news channels and all these news websites also have lakhs of traffic every month. Can create a website and do good earning every month,

2.Essays & speeches

Essay writing and speeches are the biggest parts of school and college and many are also useful in our career and you will get to see many different essays on the internet, on Essays on Saving Water Aces and Independents Day and many more in this topic too. You can work and these websites have a lot of traffic every month and it is the best idea and in this topic you should do a website or blog.

3.Poetry & Poems

poetry & Poems, millions of people search on the internet every year and many people like to read and write very much, people who want to start a website and blog can work on these topics and in these websites also millions of people every month poetry comes to read.

4.Train enquiry 

In India, 3 million people travel in trains every day and millions of them do different types of inquiries every day and you will get to see websites and blogs on a lot of internet, you can work on these topics and There are many best ideas and topics and you can also bring millions of traffic to your website and blog and you can earn very good earnings every month.

5. Event Blogging 

In event blogging, you can create a blog or website about any festival, in this world there are many festivals every day or you can also create a public day or about any day and you can create any events. I can earn millions every month by creating a blog or website in India. And this topic can also bring million of traffic every month to your website or blog.

6.Wallpaper download

There are a lot of searches on the Internet for downloading wallpapers and you will get to see many different websites on the Internet and you can also download them for free, you can create your own blog or website on this topic, you can also make millions. You can earn off of traffic and million every month, it is the best people who are beginners and in this topic you must work

7.Regional Language

In the regional language, Google itself says to make a website and motivate too many people, according to Google's research, there is very little demand on the internet, the content of the regional language is very much in demand, if you work on these topics then you will be very You will be able to rank your website quickly and every month, these websites and blogs get million of traffic and will also be able to earn million of earnings.

8.Online Net Banking 

There are million banks in this world and all the banks around the world provide online service to their customers and every bank has million of customers all over the world and a lot of people search the net banking keywords on Google and whatever people visit these websites or Blogs create million of traffic every day on all these websites, on these topics too, by creating your own website or blog, you get million of traffic and million of money Can work

9.Customer Care Number

In this world, you will get to see many brand companies and we also do many brand products for example Samsung Airtel and Private Banks Private Company International Company and many products and we need an inquiry number for a product of a brand company. This is why there is a lot of search on all these topics and million of traffic in these websites As can also earning making website or blog every month millions earn money

10.Applications & Websites 

Many people know that there are millions of applications in Android ios and to download any application, people search on Android ios and Google is the very best topic for people who are beginners, similarly different in the whole world. Different types of websites and millions of blogs will be available to be seen and you can also create your own blog and website to bring million of traffic, good earning can also be done.

11.Places in india 

You can select a very good topic about places in city for your blog or website and in this you can write about popular pulse and popular city state or the best place in the world for example top hospital in world top MBA. College in the world, if you research and write in this topic, you can get traffic by ranking your blog and website very quickly and every month Will also lose make money

12.Upcoming Launches 

Upcoming launches like a new bike, new car, new cycle, new mobile, brand new, a trailer of a movie is going to be launched and many more, all these particulars have millions of searches on the internet every day, there are many new things in this world every day. And in all these topics, you can also create a blog and website and bring million of traffic and can also earn.

13.Difference & Comparison

Like you what is conference between résumé and curriculum what is difference between home and house what is difference between mobile and old old mobile such things very confuse people and by answering them properly you can tell people and all these keywords But search on the Internet very much and bring million of traffic, you also create your website and blog and bring million of traffic every month. Can and earing can

14.Holidays & Calendar 

Holidays and calendars also bring million of traffic to all these websites, every month and in the world you have to make different holidays everywhere every day and you can build on all these keywords and million traffic on your website and blog. With which you can earn millions every month, people who are beginners are the perfect topic for those people and can get ranked quickly on Google.

15.Make money online 

A lot of people keep searching on the internet, How to Make Money Online on the Internet, How to earn from home money online, all these keywords every day all over the world do billions of searches on Google and any site means that we all have these aims How people will be able to do online earning, you can also create million of traffic by creating websites and blogs and you will be able to earn each month and Motivate people.

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