Top 22 tourist places in Delhi

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1.India Gate

India Gate is the main site monument of India and it is at Highway in New Delhi and this India Gate is comparable to the Hamesa India Gate to the Gate of India in Mumbai and India Gate is 42 meters long and designed by Lutin and This gate is considered to be the first in India World War: and every year millions of people come from every country and countryman.And more, it is also known as Amar Jawan Jyoti and people here are also called picnic spots.

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2.Red Fort

The Red Fort is located in the capital of India located in New Delhi and was built by  and is Shah Jahan believed to be the political center of the Mughals and the national flag is spread here every year on the Prime Minister of India Independence and the Red Fort on the banks of the Jamuna River Is located and millions of people from India and millions of foreigners visit here.

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3.Qutub Minar

It is believed that Qutub Minar is believed to be the same and largest tower of India and the world and this huge tower was established in 1192 and this magnificent construction reflects the history of India and to see the historical things inside this tower. You will meet and many people are loved, millions of people come every month to see it and it has also become a tourist place.

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4.Lotus Temple

Located in Lotus Temple New Delhi and the magnificent design of this building attracts people very much, it has been made in the form of white lotus flower and this Lotus Temple is very popular in the world and it was built in 1949 and It is not made for any caste or religion, here everyone can come to roam here, people also come in the presence of millions.

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5.Humayun's Tomb

Humayun's tomb was the last resting place of the Mughal emperor and it is located in New Delhi and is the first such tomb in India which is in Delhi and was built in 1589 and it was built by Humayun's Begum and its design was very People are attracted to see more, people come from all over the country to see it, every month people see lakhs of people.

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6.Akshardham Temple

Akshardham Temple is the largest temple in Hindu religion in Bharti culture and this temple was built in the name of Swaminarayan and was built in 2005 in New Delhi and this temple has also been called the largest Hindu religion temple in the world.

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7.ISKCON Temple

ISKCON Temple is also known as Shri Krishna God and this temple was built in New Delhi in 1949 and its structure is very beautiful and attracts people towards it and many people in this temple are God. Comes to visit and there is a very beautiful temple.

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8.Connaught Place

Connaught Place is also called cp and it also has all kinds of shops, bank hotels and international trade and its the biggest market in the country and its design attracts people a lot and to entertain in this place. A separate place has been created for this, in this market, you, the foreigners and the recruited people come to shop and roam a lot, every day there are millions of people. Is

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9.Jantar Mantar 

Situated in Jantar Mantar South Delhi, where it is used to see and stay in time, its design is very amazing and it has been built in 1727 and it attracts people very much and here also the number of millions every year I come in

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10.West to wonder park

It is considered to be the 7th most wondrous in the world, constructed from the waste to the West Wonder Park and located in South Delhi, attracts the whole world to see the people and a Bollywood movie has been made here, so it is very much in India It is famous here that every day thousands of people come and entertain.

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11.JAMA Masjid

Jama Masjid is said to be the largest mosque in the country located in Old Delhi, here, 25000 thousand people can offer Namaz in less than one time work and its structure is the most unique in the world and attracts people very much here. But every year, we come to see millions of people

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12.Kishore Murti Bhavan

Kishore Murti Bhavan is also known as Teen Murti and reflects the culture of the magnificent India located in New Delhi and was built in 1930 and its design is very attractive and attracts people to look very much like themselves. And every month thousands of people come to see this teen idol.

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13.National Gallery of Modern Art Gallery

The National Gallery of Modern Art Gallery is located in New Delhi in India where people live from Brothers and it is no less than a haven and it was built in 1850 and it is made with very modern design and art of India. It also depicts the culture and or even millions of people come to see it every year.

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14.Lodhi Garden

Lodhi Garden is located in Khan Market, Delhi and also known as Lodhi Lady garden, its design is designed to see very attractive people or even attracts millions of people every year.

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15.Pragati maidan

Located in Pragati Maidan New Delhi, which is considered to be India's largest performing arts, every year there is the biggest fair of India and every state exhibits its art and shape and there are also Foreigner fair and every kind of place here. You will get to see the fair

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16.Gurudwara bangla sahib

Gurudwara Bangla Sahib is the largest Gurudwara of Delhi and India and is the most religious place of India and this temple has been established by 1783 General Sardar Bhagat  Singh and its structure is so beautiful that people have been made on their side here. People come to see,

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17.City Walk Mall

City Walk Mall is the most luxurious mall located in South Delhi, its design and design is very beautiful here, brands are available here and there is also a game here, people can come and play here and every month thousands of people can shop here. Come and it is the most famous shopping mall in Delhi

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Rajghat is one of the historical sites located in Delhi and what has been the last rites of Mahatma Gandhi in Rajghat was done in 1979 and is very famous and there are many people all over India and all over the world and every year there are millions People come to see

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19.Fatehpuri Mosque

Located in Fatehpuri Masjid Old Delhi and the mosque was built in 1750 and its structure is very much beautiful and thousands of people come here to see it every month.

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20.President's House

It is called India's biggest President's House and what has been designed by an engineer of British and attracts people a lot towards people, people come here to see millions of people and all over India Is famous

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21.Birla Mandir

Birla Mandir Temple is located in New Delhi, this temple is also known as Laxmi Narayana and was established in 1939 and it is believed that this temple was inaugurated by Mahatma Gandhi.Here there are millions of people every year. Come to worship and see

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22.Chhatarpur Temple

The Chhatarpur temple is located in South Delhi, it is believed that it is believed to be the second largest temple in India.The design of this temple is one of the most beautiful temples and millions of people visit this temple every year. Attracts a lot

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