How to improve alexa ranking : and How to use,

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1. What is Alexa Ranking.

Alexa is an American company based in California.It was established in 1996. And it was later purchased by Amazon in 1999.

The Alexa toll bars is based on the Internets browser behavior and collects data from website and blogger traffic and then broadcasts to the Alexa website.Data is stored or analyzed.

2. What is the rank of Alexa traffic

Alexa Traffic Rank is considered the most important marketing tool for website and blogger.

With you can easily check the popularity of your website and blogger.

This is a great way to measure the success of search engine optimization.

3. Who is called Alexa Traffic Rank

Alexa Rank is a rough measurement of our website and blogger. It also analyzes

How many visitors have come to the page view on our website and blogger,

4. How does Alexa Rank work

Alexa ranks two data sets and works based on that.

1. Total number of unique visitors.

2. Number of page views.

5. How Alexa Rank Works.

1. Alexa Traffic Rank collects traffic data of website and blogger on daily basis.

2.millions alexa rank.toll bars  is installed on their Chrome browser

3.Alexa calculates the data of the last 3 months website and blogger and applies complex mathematical formulas on it.

4. Information is displayed as pageview visitors

6. How to improve Alexa traffic rank

1. Essential production of attractive original content.
Forget related website and blogger sites to link to your website.
3. Find keywords that are driving traffic to your competitor
4. Understand strategy on your competitor's marketing and know how it works.

5. Follow SEO best practices on your website and blogger.

7. How to produce attractive original content.

1. It keeps updating its website daily.
2. Home people should always use original material.

3. google gives priority to the quality link of the website and blogger.

8. To link to your website and blogger we need to get from more related sites

1. For more and more websites and bloggers, we should get inbound links only.

2. Inbound links in Google that rely on those websites are very important.

9. Find keywords that can drive your competitors.

1. Competitors should keep analyzing the traffic of the website and blogger so that traffic on website and blogger keeps coming.
2. Competitive keywords should be detected.
3. And those keywords should use PPC

10. Understand the marketing strategy of your competitors and know how to do the work.

1. Using the competitive analysis tool you can easily analyze the market strategy of the competitors.
2. It becomes a point of positive for you to increase website and blogger traffic.

11. Follow SEO best practices on your website and blogger.

SEO is an important strategy. It wants your time and attention.
 SEOs are not just to boost your business or web site visibility,

Rather it means to satisfy our customers and work keeping in mind the brand value

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