International Day of Families : May 15 in world

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International Family Day 2020 Special

  •  People of any society or caste are a family in a country and people of every family help the people of every household and learn to live happily and every year on May 15, International Family Day is celebrated and the United States of America Had declared it as International Family Day in 1995, since the family started celebrating this family day and also related to this festival like Children's day and Father's Day. It has been taken and all these festivals are celebrated in every country.

  • The first international family day was celebrated in the year 1949.And from the rich family to the poor and the homeless families, this family celebrates this international family day.

  • And according to a theme, the education of children of every country, poverty, family balance, social and political issues help in awareness about the well-being of the family around the world and in this modern time we all should celebrate Family International Family Day and every country This awareness is also celebrated to awaken the youth and to move forward in their lives.

  •  And according to this theme, it has been taken care of by looking after everyone like our brothers and sisters, parents, grandparents, the role of everyone and education of parents and children is important and successful in their life.

  •  And this International Family Day is celebrated in every country in a different way, a public system has been made according to the diffuser prescribed for some community of the country and this festival is celebrated by the people with their family and and every country has different People of religion also make their own way and are celebrated all over the country.

  •  South Africa has a history of discrimination and especially a separate system of laborers.International families have a greater impact on the poor country because every country has a different system and this strategy strengthens every country and people of every class. Goes and helps himself and every country to move forward and helps a lot in employment etc.

  •  And on this day, this international family celebrates with their entire family on the day of the day, on this day you can go for a walk with your family and play and do a psychology plan and on this day we will talk about ourselves Can try to do. And at the collective place of the family, we can help each other,

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