Life path 5 : Don't jump this life steps

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1. Do Education

:- Education is a very important part in our life and if everyone studies in life, they will be able to manage their life very easily.

:- And whoever wants to be  study in their life, they can easily get that thing and easily manage with all the problems they face in their life. 

:- In today's time, many people have wandered in their lives since the time of not studying and due to not knowing the meaning of studies, people have to face a lot of trouble, so we people are very important to study.

:- Today, thousands and millions of students are studying in school and college and many students do not know the meaning of study but they are studying, but they are not studying properly, so even after studying, many Students are wandering their lives, so along with studying, one should know the meaning of study.

:- Everyone definitely gets a chance to go to school and college once in life and can improve their life from here and whatever we learn from school and college help our whole life.So everyone must go to school and college once and we learn a lot in life.

2. Decision Career

:- In life, everyone has the right to listen to a career in their life and it is very important to live their life better and better and we have to decide by ourselves like what work you are more into and you It is good to do which work and you will get to do which job and our family people think about our career and it is also very beautiful Today, everyone is happy about social work and is very much satisfied by giving their contribution and everyone is doing umbrella in their life.

:- Many people do not even know what work we are happy about and which we can easily do, we have our own right to choose any career and only after thinking about our career Have to take a decision.

:- We have to keep striving in our lives, never try to believe the effort and we are very much worried about the decision of our career, so we people must make our study as well as our career decision.

:- And we should always take care of our employment like any one of us is going to work, we should first see how many people are already working in that field and how is the quality of the job. We must decide to do our jobs

3. To Love 

:- Everyone gets a chance to love once in life and everyone should learn to love, first you have to learn to love yourself, then only we will understand the meaning of love,

:- And we should learn to love other people by drinking and it gives a lot of love to the home people, then you should not get any negative stop in our way but we have to love it,
:- When you love someone, then we keep thinking about that person every day and every thing they say is a good separation from us and anyone you love, we think of him very much Even saddened.

:- When we see our loved one, we are very happy and we meet very much and there are many times that we do not know what to talk about when we meet. And we also start to feel sorry, but we do very much for our heart as we do with it, and love is very constant on the human's heart.

4. To marry

:- Everyone gets a chance to get married in life whether boy or girl and everyone in their life everyone thinks about marriage and in our mind we think very much about marriage and we are our family or friends Also asks why is it important to get married, but every season is a time.

:- Marriage is a part of human life. Marriage is a union of two people and we understand each other and throughout our life we live with each other and every sorrow is supported on happiness and culture of society. You get to know and love is ideal and loving among each other and they move forward together in life and hence marriage is very much needed to work together and live a good life.

:- And many people get separated from the parent after getting married, and after marriage, we understand a lot of responsibility and we take responsibility for our life because after being saved after marriage, more responsibility comes in looking after the child. You have to take care of them and give them to all those who are in need.

:- And according to our social rules, every human has to pursue his generation, so every human has to get married.

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