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1.Transaction fee model

  • Transaction fees model is called, in any two people's place, they do the work of both by taking the transaction fees and it becomes easier for both to work.

2. Shared Saving Models 

  • As your mobile phone bills come to $ 200 every month and in shared saving models, the same is reduced to $ 100, that means you will reduce your call rate by dealing with the agent company and it will be given to both the people. Profits will be,

3.Licensing Model

  • For example, by license  all your products and items and allowing other people to do them, those people will sell them on their items and sell them on the market and it will be profitable for both of you.

4. Cost Plus Models

  • Like we want that we have to build a house for our family and to build a house, we will meet the contractor and go out for a cost production of this house and accordingly we will get our house ready and whatever the contractor does We will take 20% profit to get the house ready and then get your whole house ready.

5. Hourly Rate Models

  • Hourly rate model means that as long as you work or work, you will get payments according to that, like we have built a website or mobile application, then you can pay it for 1 hour, this way you work in the office Or someone else is working, paying for 1 hour or you take payment in return for some work,

6. Upfront and Maintenance 

  • Just like you have any shop and in that shop the customer has come to you to get the goods or to get any goods fixed and the customer says that you take the half payment first and after that the work will give you the full payment This customer will come to you more and you will grow it more quickly in your business or any kind of shop, this is a great way 

7. Consumable Model 

  • Like we have installed a vending machine in any office or company and inside that vending machine, you will find different types of things like logging

    • Soup
    • T
    • Green tea
    • Coffee
    • Sweet Corn Soup
    • Tomato soup
    • cold drinks
    • And in this vending machine, we do not charge like machine charge, labor charge, serving charge and as much as the price of all these things will be charged from you people, all of them will save your capital cost and the vending machine is very helpful. Is for office or mall etc.

    8. Usage based model 

    • Within the usage based model, you will have to pay every time you use for yourself, through example, we need to have as much space on your mobile phone as you need to take videos or movies on your mobile phone, only then you have more song Only those who are able to take movies are called usage based models.

    • 9. Operating and Maintenance Models

      • As you want, you are going to start a company or business for yourself and you are told that you will work for your company in the factory office housing society and any machine installed in your company in maintenance and operating, and will take care of the machine. Will be fine And I will take money from you for maintenance and your machines will keep running.
      • Machine Optimizations
      • Save Manpower cots
      • Machine Maintenance 
      • More Productivity 
      • Better Results 
      • Better Outcomes 

      10. Temporary Access Model 

      • In the temporary access model model, you give your network data to users, for example, you will find a lot of resume portal sites online and give you temporary access and the distribution network also provides you with data, only you pay for it.

      11.Distribution Franchisee Model

      • Most of the distribution franchise models in many businesses do it and the customers in the office go and talk with the distributor and understand about the product and this franchise benefits a lot of business and grows the business.

      12.Subscription based models 

      1. In this business model, creating content from details, making subscription and upfront charge makes it a franchise franchise of the business and very easily we can grow the business, we help to grow any kind of business.

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