Manpower Planning : How to Maintain it

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1.Means manpower planning

  • According to Denzoo and Robbins, HR is the plan and process by which we ensure organization to all people There are the right number and kind of people at the right time who are able to effectively and efficiently

  • Also completing tasks that help the organization to achieve adjectives overall.

2.According to nature

1. We also have to meet our man power needs
2. It is necessary to analyze the existing manpower
3. Various organization programs are launched
4. Effective use

3.There should be purpose and scope

1. Maximum utilization of manpower at present time
2. Action is necessary to avoid imbalance
3. Future needs to be explored
4. Cost control is also prohibited
5. Policies are also formed and transferred

4.Gain is important

1. Labor costs should be cut
2. Employee development should be planned
3. Difference must be difference
4. It is important to improve the business plan
5. Preparation of management succession plan must always be a success
6. It is necessary to evaluate all the effects of alternative manpower

5.It is important to have a human resource planning process

1. It is necessary to have objectives of manpower planning
2. Inventory of current man power is very important
3. Detailed forecasts are required.
4. Declining deployment trends
5. Displacement is very much required
4. Productivity should always be
7. It is important to have growth and expansion

6.Supply should be forecast

1. It is necessary to have an audit of human resources
2. Replacement charts are always ready to be
3. The resources and needs of a pure human have to be met
4. It is important to always have a redeployment plan.

7.It is necessary to process

1. We also have to fulfill the requirements of the job
2. Employment plans are necessary every year
3. It is necessary to have a program and plan for training and development
4. Evaluating the effectiveness of man power planning attaches to

8. Pick and drop accommodation for the employee

  • Many big companies give facilities to their employees by taking care of their employees like pick nads provide car for drop and also provide accommodation and whoever gets expensed gives some employees and some owners give it to each other. Connections remain connected and provide better facilities to employees 

9. Coffee Tea & Snacks

  • And for the employees of the company, Tia Coffee Green Tia Maggi Soup Fruits provide all this, so the Employee has his mind at work and all the Employees work with their mind and Employee satisfaction

10. Timely salary and bonus promotion 

  • In many companies, employees get late salary, but we must give salary on time and many employees spend their entire month planning, so all the companies should pay their salary on time.

11. Insurance for Employee

  • If every company gives its employee Accidental Life Life Medical Insurance because the people we eat nowadays, we do not get the people properly, therefore many employees from the insurance would have conditions and if anyone gets sick then Also, the company has got a lot of help for insurance employees.

12. Flexi Schedule and work from home 

  • If you give flexi conscious to the employee in the company, then it also gets a lot of satisfaction and it will be done by any employee in time and always in the mind of the employee that we will grow by doing good work in the company.

13. Free Grocery to employee 

  • If the company every month for its employees like Servant, Payon, Driver Office Boy, every month, if you provide some groceries, then within those people, we will always work with integrity in the company and all the time in the company. Will support,

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