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:-  Leadership definition

  • Leadership is an influence or personal power that progressively promotes community and organization for some common purpose.

:- L - Lead by example 

  • The leader calls him what he himself has done before and he has experience in that work and how he sees his employees doing that work is called leader.

  • If I do not have experience in that work, and if I start following people, then I will not be able to tell that work correctly.

:- E - Enthusiastic

  • If you work in a company or office, then in your office, which is the boss who leads you, if you encourage people inside your boss, then you will always get motivation to work and we will do any work quickly. Will get

  • If you are not excited to work inside the boss, then you will not be excited to work in the team and we will not be able to achieve our goal, so every leader should be excited to do any work inside.

:- A - Ambitious 

  • It is important for us to achieve our goal and be excited about any work within a leader, only then we can become a good leader.

: - D- Determined 

  • It is important to be Determined inside every leader because every company or business leader has a Goal and it is necessary to be Determined to complete his Goal.

:- E - Encourage other 

  • The quality of a good leader always encourages his team by taking any work and taking it to work in the team and easily get the goal

:- R - Read to learn and teach 

  • It is very important for a good and quality leader to always have quality to learn and to teach his team and it is very important to bring change in himself, only then the quality of a great leader is seen.

:-  Leadership a personal power

  • By way of example, two employees work inside Google company, Jack has positional power and Justin has personal power, as if Jack becomes CEO of the company by his positional power, then he will not be able to handle the 

  • company for long. And the day his positional power goes away, then no one will come to him. If Justin becomes CEO of google company with his personal power, then the company should be Through this, leadership begins and the company will be able to grow and become a good leader,

:-  Influence 

  • Influence means some leaders have a lot of force and people who make more work for any work say more about the employees who do that work and therefore sometimes We should not work with the force,

:-  Progressively advancing work

  • Progressively advancing means action processes that work from our business variation to standardization.

  • Ever Increasing 
  • Ever Growing 
  • Ever Expanding 
  • Ever Improving 

  • All this is the way where we improve the quality of our business and grow continuously in the input and output of our business. This means that leadership does not grow on an incident, but leadership continuously grows progressively in input and output as well.

  • Continuing to become a leader, you have to improve and learn and give yourself training to employees and learn all people have to grow along with them.

:- Community 

  • Leaders call him who makes many leaders. Leaders call him and from where the community is formed and Strong Unity works with the passion of any business or company.

:- Common purpose 

  • If we work for ourselves in our business with a purpose, then there will be no ready for your business. If you connect your purpose and goals with the people, then whatever the employees in your business will always work with you. To be ready and to build a community cannot be made without purpose, so it is very important to build a community,

:- Tips to remember 

  • Business comes first
  • Family comes second 
  • Exciting story
  • Common compelling 
  • Identify common purpose 
  • Organizational teams 
  • Spiritual team
  • Community group

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