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WhatsApp Status

:- In today's time, everyone uses digital and multimedia mobiles and everyone has WhatsApp in their mobiles and this application is used by people of the world to interact with other people and through this we can talk about other people. Send information and we are connected to each other digitally.

:- Within Whatsapp, we can also put a story or diffuser status related to us and through this we can know the status of other people.

:- A lot of people also share information on WhatsApp and also provide some information for most, and people who are connected to each other can see the status of a person and also get to learn some more. All people share some new things on their behalf, we are connected with each other.

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Even after working hard in our lives, we bring smiles to our lives every day.

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No one should think of themselves as weak or lonely, we should believe in ourselves and overcome all the difficulties ahead of them.

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Before doing any work, we have to do it only after taking decisions and we should do that work with full force.

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The best way in the world is the one where we make love with each other and have a smile on our face.

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When we work together among ourselves, we easily do any work on our own.

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When our parents teach us to walk with their hands in their hands, then we start to walk without any fear, so we should always respect our parents.

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If we ask for help from our parents or friends or friends, then we should learn to say thank you. It comes to know about our culture and honesty.

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Many people say that love is not pure because we do not know to love people

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We are together even though we are away, but we always miss you, and your smile is the place for you in our heart.

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We will always work together with each other and every person in this world has a different world, do not know when to get together and when to go away

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There is only one thing inside us that never rests, just the heart keeps working for 24 hours and never stops,

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We start studying in school and college only from our childhood, but we do not understand the importance of our time, so many problems come in our way.

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When people overcome any difficult situation and work on that work successfully, then we get the biggest happiness in life.

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When the rays of the sun light on the earth slowly in the morning, then it is not known when it becomes bright and when it becomes night.

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You are our destination and you are looking for us, but whenever I see you, you are my world.

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