Facebook Advertising Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers and Experience,

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1. Who is called Facebook Page

: - A Facebook page has a variety of different public profiles that show a business and brands, celebrities, causes and many more Other types of organizations have been developed and built for all.

2. Why are CPMs and what does it stand for

: - CPM is a type of digital marketing term that means cost per thousand. They represent the Roman numeral for 2000 thousand and measured the cost of one or more online advertising bases at 2000 thousand impressions per CPM copy.

3. How many types in FaceBook ADS Manager
There are levels.

: - Facebook's campaign structure consists of campaigns, ad sets and advertisements of any advertisement.

4. Who is called a custom audience in Facebook

: - Another custom audience in the customer list is a type of audience and which you can also create for yourself an existing customer that your audience will come and
You can also target all the audience ads created by you on Facebook, Instagram pinterest Twitter and audience network which will get traffic to your website or blog and grow through it,

5. What is the minimum budget on Facebook and what is the status.

: - You can start advertising people on Facebook page at least
From $ 100 to $ 500 per day which will get traffic to your website and blog and any kind of business will grow quickly, this is a very good and easy way,

6. Why are they so important in Facebook advertising

: - If all of you are wondering why Facebook advertising is so important and what people are liking for, then you can find out by looking in many statics and also see that 2.95 billion people monthly active by Facebook 2019 The company believes the user's claim. And many people use this Facebook application in their daily life,

: - In the US, more than 3-thirds to 4-third of adults use Facebook in their daily lives. And in the US, everyone using adult Facebook uses Facebook from 1 hour to 2 hours daily, from small to large. And in the same way in India, 1 billion people spend their time from 1 hour to 2 hours from small children to older people.

: -Facebook has been deeply embedded in our culture from small child to older people in our life, which has made it very difficult for people to do business. When you think about using the channels of any advertisement, then we all have to consider to work at least, only then we can grow websites and blogs or any kind of work.

7. Who is called Facebook Boost.

: - Promote by one or two posts with one or two button clicks and whenever you click on boost post, you have the option to choose one such people, and who Also like your page and have their family friends or those whom you choose through your targeting. You can also set your budget according to yourself and you can connect with your target audience more easily.

8. Why do people boost their ads on Facebook?

: - Boosting a website or blog on your Facebook page is a very easy and shortcut way, and Facebook in turn just encourages people to start their own way with spending on advertisements on Facebook and their own You can also grow a business or a company,

9. Who is the narrow audience in Facebook and why

: - By way of example, you can easily create a type of Facebook look to your connected audience and then narrow it down by target audience filtered by demographics and interests and by this you can easily connect your Facebook page and Similarly, you can easily rank your website and blog.

10. How and how can I enable ratings and reviews easily

:- : - In the rating and review facility, when you mainly visit Facebook page, you get to see the star rating, when your page is classified or shown or done as a local business and when by default Also has a physical address, and shows us the reviews and star ratings. Nevertheless, we can change it in our own way, whether you like local business or you business or you are at the appropriate level and if you want, you can also show the rating of your business or website to people,

And we have to know this facility to ensure that we and we will have to know about the power stool, only then we can grow our business and as such, if anyone visits our website then know those people It shows that what information we have provided for people in our website that people can easily see and read makes it very easy for people to find anything. And we help people easily by giving their company or any business address in their website.

11. Can we send a private message to any fans

: - You people can easily send one or more private messages to any fans, but you can easily send messages to other people only if you enable the message button. It may or may not be challenging if you run a timeline competition, only then we can give any message to the people and how we have won. This can happen only if you enable your message button on all people,

So all of us have to make sure that you people can easily check and view messages on your page regularly and can. And this is the only easy task that we can also send private messages to one or two others through our personal profile, but then we have to enable our message button on our personal time only then we can ,
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