30 Most Useful Excel Shortcuts key beginner to advanced

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One of the shortcuts of excel which we can easily work by using excel in easy way.

1.We have to use the mouse to edit a sentence. If we press F2, it will be edited automatically.

F2: Edit select cell

2.If we have to use a shortcut key F4 to repeat in a sentence or to repeat it, this is also the full shortcut key used in Excel.

F4: Repeat last edit

3.We have to use the menu bar to create a chat in Excel, but selecting any data and pressing F11 creates an automated chart.

F11: New chart

4.If we cannot see the shortcut key in Excel but we can see all the shortcuts in Excel by pressing Alt, this is the easiest way in Excel.

Alt: Access the ribbon the formula

5.If we have to select the data to merge into action, but we get it easily from alt + =.

Alt +=: Automatically sum() Selected

6.If we have to write a repeat in a cell, then we have to use it in the same cell.

Alt + enter: Start a new line in the same cell

7.If the columns inside Excel were larger than the other columns, then how do we resize them.

Alt + H+ O + I: Auto size columns

8.If we have to go to the next page in Excel, then we do not have to use the mouse,we have shortcut it.

Ctrl + PG + Down : Go to next worksheet

9.If we have to go back to the same seat in excel.

Ctrl + PG + UP: Go to previous worksheet

10.What should we do if we have seen the formula in the data inside the excel sheet.

Ctrl + ' : Display formula 

11.If we are scrolling down inside Excel, then we have no idea where our active cell is, so what is the shortcut key

Ctrl + backspace : show active cell

12.If we need to change the date of laptop or desktop or press the shortcut key to see the date

Ctrl + Shift + # : change date format with day month year 

13.If we want to put a hyperlink in a paragraph, what should we do and we want that if we click on our hyperlink and go to the next page, which key should we press,

Ctrl + K : to insert hyperlink 

14.If we pressed for our exam as a sign of 1 to 10 dollars in our data, then how can we put a shortcut key on it

Ctrl + Shift + $ : Applies the currency format to selected cell

15.If we have created some data in action and we feel that we have to put a border in that data, then what is its shortcut key.

Ctrl + shift + & : Applies border to cells 

16.If we have created a heading inside the excel and we have to bolt that heading, then which key should we press,

Ctrl + B : Bolt

17.If we want to write a Spanish Italian writing inside Excel, then what should we suppress.

Ctrl + I : Italics 

18.If we have created a heading in Excel and that heading is to be underlined, then which press do we need?

Ctrl + U : underline

19.If we want to convert any format to number in Excel then what should be pressed

Ctrl + Shift + ~ : General style number

20.If we have created any data in Excel, then we have to sign the percentage in that data, then which key should we use

Ctrl + Shift + % : percentage style number

21.If we want to insert scientific data inside Excel, which key is needed?

Ctrl + Shift + ^ : Scientific notation style

22.If we have written a number in excel  and we have to bring that number in the time format then which key should be pressed.

Ctrl + shift + @ : time style

23.If we have to insert our document within excel, then pressing f12 automatically brings the document.

Ctrl + f12 : open 

24.If we think we have to select a row inside Excel, then what should we press

Ctrl + space bar : select the entire column 

25.If we want to select the reference of the formula inside Excel then which key do we need

Ctrl + [ : select all cell directly referenced by formula in the selection 

26.If we want to write today's date in any cell, then how to write to us.

Ctrl + ; : insert actual date in active cell 

27.If we want to select the entire  data, what should we press?

Ctrl + A : select all data 

28.If we do not need any medicine to see the formula and we have touted the exam and we have to see the formula, then what to press

Ctrl + D : copy equation down 

29.If we have created a data inside Excel, there is a thousand entries in that data, then inside that entry we have to find the name of Mr. Jack, we do not know which row it is in or in which column, then what should we press 

Ctrl + F : fined a particular which you find 

30.If we feel that we have to replace inside our data, then what should we press .

Ctrl + H : Fined & replace 

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